Some food for thought on sympathy gifts

It has long been tradition to bring food to a grieving family as a sympathy gift but, because of distance or busy schedules, that’s not always possible. That’s where we come in. Let Sympathy Food prepare and deliver a delicious, chef-prepared meal that lets them know you care. Simply select your gift and we'll take care of the rest. With every gift, we offer a complimentary card so you can write your sympathy message.

From our customers

I lost a daughter a few years ago and there were lots of beautiful flowers that were nice but the food that my coworkers and neighbors and churchmembers brought me and my family was so greatly appreciated because if it wasn’t for that food my family probably would not of eaten because I could not function very well and cooking was not on my mind. So from someone who has been through this food was welcomed!

— Ami R.

“When my grandfather died, my grandmother was inundated with flowers. Some were taken to the cemetery and some were brought back to her house. What was most appreciated was a gift she received from™. Some ‘out of state’ friends sent a lasagna tray and pie and she was able to enjoy it for several days.”

— Rebecca G.

Sympathy Etiquette

Grief After a Suicide

All loss of life and the subsequent grief is difficult, but grieving after a suicide can be particularly hard because of conflicting feelings you may be having about your loved one who chose to take their life. Here are a few things to remember as you deal with this difficult time.

Cooking to Grieve

In the early stages of grief, cooking or eating something our lost loved one used to make can be difficult and painful. However, as we move through grief, cooking can become a certain kind of therapy.

Regaining your appetite during grief

It is a common reaction during a time of grief to lose your appetite for awhile. Sadness, anxiety and depression have different effects on all of us, but for many, food just becomes unappetizing. This is troublesome because the stress we experience during times of grief can deplete our immune system and we actually become less capable of fighting infection. If we’re not eating well during these times of stress, our health can become compromised. And adding sickness on top of grief can cause even more stress, creating an extremely unhealthy downward spiral.